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Flag of the Lands of the House of Hebog :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 10 3 Royal Standard of the UK for use in Ireland :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 9 3 Flag of the Low Kingdoms of Orcneas :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 10 5 Flag of the Magintern :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 14 4 Flag of the Free Peoples :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 13 8 A Light in the Darkness Map :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 41 15 ALitD: The Utopian States :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 21 1 A Light in the Darkness: The Slavic Empire :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 15 0 Christ's Crown and Covenant :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 23 4 Cosy Catastrophe (Work in Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 17 6 Boney Was a Warrior (Work in Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 17 4 Fashoda (Work in Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 12 1 Red Napoleon (Work In Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 14 4 Basilikon Doron (Work in Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 11 5 Battle of Dorking (Work In progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 11 9 Come in from the Cold (Work in Progress) :iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 12 7


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Shattered Jade
The scent of potato whiskey and low din of drunken singing and chatting tell me that I have reached my destination. A hole-in-the-wall pub called The Black Ram. I tap the carriage driver on the shoulder to hand him two gold pieces. The bumpy ride wasn’t worth a quarter of that, but he needed the money more than I did. With the wildly fluctuating currencies of the Union of Myrwielscki Merchant Republics, only precious metals are universally accepted.
I was surprised that I still had this much gold in my possession. The street merchants and “comfort women” of Krakozwa are very insistent, shoving beets, live chickens and their own bodies in front of me in an attempt to make me part with my money. I paid the most insistent to leave me alone; they happily accepted my coins and went on to harass some other unfortunate soul. Undoubtedly, others were trying to do the same in less scrupulous manner. My coffee complexion and business suit marked me as Umzberger ever since my ar
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 6 0
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Flag of the Lands of the House of Hebog
The flag of one of the two leading polities within the Free Peoples, this one a confusing dynastic agglomerate of principalities, kingdoms and cities ruled over by the House of Hebog. Outlandish Tales' *Habsburgs. The Hebogs were traditionally High Kings of Orcneas, but were overthrown when Orcneas largely collapsed with the Draconic Invasion and now only control a fraction of their former territories.

The Watsonian Explanation for the flag is threefold. The white colour comes from the undyed white woolen coats and gambsons traditional worn by the Hebog armies. The red and green stripes on the left-hand side reference the Hebogs' claim to the 'red-green' crown of Orcneas. Finally the two six pointed red stars represent the worship of the Chained gods, as well as the co-existance of orcs and humans under the House of Hebog.

The Doyleist answer is that this is just the standard of an Austro-Hungarian Feldmarschalleutnant, the bottom stripe of which I have changed from red to green.
Royal Standard of the UK for use in Ireland

Flags of the World (Penguin Books: London, 2012)

Royal Standard for use in Ireland

In 1922 King George V was preparing for the first royal visit to Ireland following both the Great War, and the implementation of Home Rule. At the time there was still dissatisfaction in parts of Ireland, such as Ulster, with the new settlement-and security concerns following the Dublin Post Office Siege. The Irish Flag debate [see pg. 26] was in full swing at the time, and there was considerable debate in the Home and National Parliaments about which flags should be flown for the visit. An informal contact from the palace to the Irish Premier about the use of a new version of the Royal Standard for use in Ireland was enthusiastically received. The national government greenlit the idea as well, as the new standard was adopted by order in council. It was flown for the first time in Ireland on 15 July 1922, when the king stepped off the light cruiser HMS Dublin, which had carried him to the ship’s namesake. The royal standard for use in Ireland is similar to that in use in Scotland, and England and Wales. It however places the Irish harp in the place of greatest honour, at the top-nearest the fly. The Irish harp is also repeated in the bottom-right corner. The flag is still used to represent HM the Queen in right of Ireland, as well as forming the basis for the Royal Arms for use in Ireland [see Heraldry (Penguin Books: London, 2004)].

Flag of the Low Kingdoms of Orcneas

A fantasy world needs orcs. That, since Tolkien, has been an immutable law of the genre. However, fitting orcs into Outlandish Tales was rather tricky. Generally when making a fantasy race for my setting, *I go back to the original myth, and then extrapolate from there. For example, Dwarfs in my setting are vermiform, since in Norse mythology they were originally spawned from the maggots in the flesh of the Ice Giant Ymir at the beginning of time. The problem was that orcs, despite a few etymological hints in things like Beowulf, were created by Tolkien.  There were some intriguing suggestions that orcs were originally conceived as an aquatic monster, but I already had the sirens in that role. In the end I decided to make orcs literally Neanderthals, which neatly makes half-orcs a thing as well.

Rvbomally suggested that the Orcs could be the only faction in this setting with the traditional fantasy feudal government, and I have developed to take this a little further. The Orcs are the Low Fantasy faction. This neatly still keeps the orcs as a ‘primitive’ faction, if not as primitive as the actual barbarians. Orcs have no aptitude for magic and are rather unimaginative (not stupid, just a lot less creative than the other young races). As such they have carried on trucking with feudalism long after everyone else has developed more complicated forms of government. This has not ended well for them. Orcish society is not an accurate depiction of medieval social organisation, but is the crapsacky exaggeration popularised by things like ASOIAF. They also of course tend to paint their faces with green *wood before battle, for maximum braveheart.

The flag had to be pretty feudal, but also incorporating the traditional orc colours of green and red. I went for a quartered flag, meant to be similar to the flag of Angevin England. The symbology of the flag is pretty simple, the crenulations on the quarters, and the castle, of course represent good ol’ feudalism and baronial rule. The six-pointed mullet represents the six Chained Gods, who the orcs worship as a pantheon.  

Flag of the Free Peoples
Ah the mandatory tiny bickering fiefdoms that exist in any fantasy world. Full of inns where an adventurer can pick up a quest, small towns with dark secrets, and a frankly unrealistically large number of bandits. Often organised into a 'I-can't-believe-its-not-the-Holy-Roman-Empire', I decided to model its flag on a more modern, but even more ineffectual institution.
Language in a fantasy setting is either very, very easy-or very, very hard depending on whether you are an Oxford don or not. You can go one of two ways, you can either create your own language, with its own internal logic and rules-or everyone can speak English. That being said, there are two main fantasy lingua franca tropes, the ‘Common Tongue’ and ‘Black Speech’. The former is nearly always English, and tends to be spoken by the ‘civilised peoples’, while the latter is the ‘azh nash bag r’leyeh’ incomprehensible gibberish that makes the larynx want to explode. So, for my ongoing standard fantasy setting, I had to make up my mind how to employ these tropes. 

There are two dominant ‘lingua franca’ on in this world, namely Riggish and Shallow Sirenii. Riggish is the dominant language of Outland, spoken in various dialects across the entire continent. It is believed to have evolved from the languages of the Elder Races, Elves and Dwarves, which was then adopted by humans when they moved to Outland. As its name suggests Riggish is to Outland what English is to Great Britain, in fact, it is literally just English. Yup, the language of the Evil Empire is the ‘Common Tongue’. Riggish is not spoken outside of Outland, and the Outlandish themselves are notoriously bad at learning other languages. That said, there is something different about Riggish naming conventions. I have based Riggish names and words on the Northumbrian dialects of English (Northern English and Scottish English). So towns are ‘something-burgh’ rather than ‘burg’ or ‘borough’, which I hope sounds sufficiently gothic and uberwaldean whilst still being recognisably British in tone. Just to make the ‘Common tounge’ tropes sufficiently clear, Riggish is written in the Latin alphabet (well, in the gothic version of that alphabet).

Shallow Sirenii, meanwhile, is the dominant language of most of the rest of the world. It is, of course, the ‘Black Speech’ of the setting. Written down it looks like it should cause instant tuberculosis in anyone who tired to speak it. However like otl languages which seem a little Lovecraftian, like Georgian (sorry), the way to pronounce it is very lightly. ‘Azghashnezzag’ sounds a lot better if your tone is not heavily pronounced and sepulchral. There does exist a language called Deep Sirenii, which is this trope played straight. Indeed despite looking almost the same written down, it is essentially unpronounceable for human beings. Sirenii is the ancestral language of the Sirens, the ‘mermaids’ of the setting, who dominate one of the three major world powers (Outland and the Sorcerers’ League are the other two). Their control other global oceanic trade has resulted in Sirenii becoming the language of international trade, and thus, the most widely spoken secondary language in the world. That said, it is very much a secondary language on dry land. Most speak their own local languages (in the case of the Sorcerer’s League and their neighbours their languages are predominantly based off Greek and Hebrew) with Sirenii serving as a language of trade and international relations.

Aside from the vaguely Helleno-Hebrew language of the Sorcerers’ League and their neighbours, there are two other major language families. The most prestigious of these is Xternetsan, the language of the local ‘decadent orentialist fallen empire’, whose alphabet is also used for writing Sirenii and the Helleno-Hebrew language as well. Xternetsa, language and culture, is based largely off the writings of the ‘Formosan’ George Psalmanazar (this being a Standard Fantasy Setting, it needed an orientialist ‘other’-however I decided not be base it off any actual culture-for that way lies expose to either actual racism or the rantings of the ‘everything is racist’ mob-but instead the loopier elements of historic European views of the rest of the world.) Finally there is the language of the Lower Realms, the low magic, low fantasy kingdoms at the centre of the continent of the Heartland (which the Sorcerers’ League and Xternetsa are on). Despite being located in what is essentially this world’s version of Africa or South America, I did not want to base its culture or language on the region (again, racism-or accusations of racism). As such their social system is feudal Europe (low fantasy after all) and their language is based off Welsh (given that an offshoot of this culture gave rise to the ‘Generic Fantasy Goodguys’ a King Arthur reference seemed appropriate).  

Naming Conventions

In Riggish names tend to be based on professions. So the lower classes tend to be called ‘Carpenter’, ‘Miller’ or ‘Hangman’ (that last name is extremely common among the Empire’s hereditary executioners, who also serve as their necromancers). The aristocracy meanwhile tend to be ‘of’ and then the name of their seat. This is because the Outlandish aristocracy is essentially based upon the German nobility, and I have just used the ‘von’ naming conventions, but translated into English.

In anywhere whose language and culture is influenced by Sirens, (the Sirenii Protectorates and their mainland allies, the Sorcerers’ League and Xternetsa) actual modernesque ‘nomen’ surnames are used. Also a tendency to stick seemingly unnecessary apostrophes into the name-because fantasy (also R’lyeh) .

In the Lower Realms names tend to be patronymics, aside from one state there which is matriarchical, where they are matronyms. The enitr range of Welsh patronymics is here, the mab/fab (son of) and merch/ferch (daughter of) as well as ap-somthingorother.

So for example, we have John. In Outland he would be called John Smith-because he is a smith, in anywhere Siren-influenced he is called John No’men-because that is his family name, while in the lower realms he would be John ap John/Upjohn-because his father was an egomaniac and also called him John.


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metalheadjohn Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016  Student Writer
Hey CastleGreifenghast, here is a scenario you might find interesting…
3892 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016
May I suggest other factions for your fantasy setting?

One would be the Theocracy, ruled by a Crystal Dragon Jesus religion and the nation of clerics, divine magic and paladin and templar warriors.

Another would be a Sword and Sandal, greco-roman-esque nation of Amazons, Centaurs, Cyclopes, and other stuff from classical mythology.

And a third would be the Sword and Sorcery realm of barbarian tribes.
CastleGreifenghast Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
Sorry I have taken ages to respond to this, I missed it somehow.

The Sirenii Portectorates are essentially a theocracy, given that the sirens hold that they are literally descended from the gods. You do get paladin and Templar types running around, but given that the dieties they worship are basically lovecraftian horrors masquerading as Greco-Roman gods, they are not terribly nice chaps.

I am trying to avoid having different levels of tech/development without any explanation-in realistic systems the less advanced powers tend to be crumped. That being said various chimeran creatures that resemble the 'mix and match critters' of classical mythology do exist-they are literally chimeras in the modern, medical sense of the world, and have been created via magic by the Sorcerers' League for various (mostly military) purposes.

The Amazons, in this a wholly separate eusocial subspecies of humanity based off John Wyndham's 'Consider her ways', function as the conan-esque barbarian tribes of the setting, fighting against the Outlandish Empire. They have swords, and quite a bit of sorcerer, to help fight against His Dread Majesty's hordes.
3892 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
You're making the Sirenii sound like the Deep Ones.

What about Centaurs, Satyrs, Cyclopes and the like?
CastleGreifenghast Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016
That is entirely deliberate.

Centaurs and Satyrs created on an experiential basis by the Sorcerer's League-no cyclops as a discrete species.
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I think you're still missing a few oneshots, like the World War I on the Moon and Mars, and the one with a red Britain arising in the late 20th century.
CastleGreifenghast Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
The delay in that is because I am currently in Scotland on Holiday, and do not have access to my desk-top. I will be back home tomorrow. 
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Gotcha. I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot. ;)
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Hey, glad you're on DA! I'm a fan of your work that I've read on
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